About us

Founded 15 years ago in the city of Quebec, NKLS is a streetwear clothing and accessories brand for men and women.

It is by it's continuous desire to renew itself that the brands diversity of style and design was curated to be where it is today. With the rise of streetwear culture, NKLS has become a brand that is accessible and trendy integrating elaborate graphic designs and researched cut and sew fits.

Conscious of all situations life can have, NKLS focuses on the comfortability of it's clothing by selecting the best quality of fabric. Clothing for everyday living.


NKLS makes reference to the Greek word Nikelaos (Nike : Victory; Laos: People).

The slogan "Victoire du peuple" stands for Victory of the People, thus, NKLS.

A subtil force that doesn't back away from any obstacle life can bring it.